What do we do?


In essence, we ask questions, you talk, we listen, we think and together we move your business forward.


Every business, organisation or department goes through cycles of evolution.  To quote many consultants and writers, "the only thing that is constant in business is change".  If your business is not currently evolving then you are falling behind your competitors.


We believe the AERO cycle below describes the four key stages to this constant evolution. 


Our services, including; strategic business analysis, business process modelling, feasibility studies, requirements elicitation & definition, system modelling, and project delivery, assist our clients through these important phases of transformation.


Click on each of the stages of the AERO cycle below to find out more:


#1 Awareness


#2 Exploration


#3 Reality check


#4 Operation


Our clients can choose to engage us in any one or all of these phases depending on their needs.


We aim to deliver value in all stages of the AERO cycle through continual dialogue with our clients, communicating information in easy to consume formats to help decision makers, and by guiding those responsible for delivering changes.