What do we do?


Every business, organisation or department goes through cycles of evolution.  To quote many consultants and writers, "the only thing that is constant in business is change"


We believe the AERO cycle below describes the four key stages to this constant evolution.  Our services assist our clients through these important phases of evolution.


#1 Awareness


#2 Exploration


#3 Reality check


#4 Operation



#4 Operation

Client Perspective

At the end of stage #3 a shortlist of initiatives was compiled which were feasible and which could overcome the challenges or exploit the opportunities identified in stage #1.  Stage #4 is all about delivering those initiatives...this is the doing stage.

Services offered

Business Ingenuity provides services throughout the delivery phase of a project.  Primarily the service is around defining and communicating the changes that have been agreed upon by the business, and ensuring that these are delivered.  Business Ingenuity can take the role of representing the business in these projects to ensure that the context and goals are understood by those people delivering the changes.  Changes at this stage come in different shapes and sizes, including organisational, business process focussed or IT system changes and developments.  Each project type has its own distinct structure and pattern.


This stage is typically known as requirements elicitation & documentation, system modelling, and project delivery.