What do we do?


Every business, organisation or department goes through cycles of evolution.  To quote many consultants and writers, "the only thing that is constant in business is change"


We believe the AERO cycle below describes the four key stages to this constant evolution.  Our services assist our clients through these important phases of evolution.


#1 Awareness


#2 Exploration


#3 Reality check


#4 Operation



#3 Reality Check

Client Perspective

During stage #2 lots of ideas were generated, and we tried not to discard any.  This results in a candidate list, including some blue sky ideas and some much more down to earth.  The focus of this phase is to whittle down the list to those ideas which have the potential to become reality.

Services offered

Business Ingenuity engages with its clients on  this feasibility stage of a programme where we assess each option on its merits.  Each option is challenged against whether it is feasible to deliver.  This involves a good deal of facilitation across different teams within the organisation, to establish those which should go forwards.


This work is typically known as a feasibility study.