What do we do?


Every business, organisation or department goes through cycles of evolution.  To quote many consultants and writers, "the only thing that is constant in business is change"


We believe the AERO cycle below describes the four key stages to this constant evolution.  Our services assist our clients through these important phases of evolution.


#1 Awareness


#2 Exploration


#3 Reality check


#4 Operation



#2 Exploration

Client Perspective

Once an opportunity or a challenge has been identified, the next step is to consider the options available to overcome or exploit it.  This phase is focussed on understanding the organisation and discovering those options.

Services offered

This is a highly energised and exciting time during a programme for a number of reasons.  During this phase Business Ingenuity spends time within the organisation understanding the DNA of the business, its most critical resources, how the organisation operates today with its strengths and weaknesses, and drives out ideas and options with which to take on the challenges that have presented themselves.


This work is a cross between strategic business analysis, "as-is" business process analysis and "to-be" business process definition.