What do we do?


Every business, organisation or department goes through cycles of evolution.  To quote many consultants and writers, "the only thing that is constant in business is change"


We believe the AERO cycle below describes the four key stages to this constant evolution.  Our services assist our clients through these important phases of evolution.


#1 Awareness


#2 Exploration


#3 Reality check


#4 Operation



#1 Awareness

Client Perspective

The business, organisation or department becomes aware that it is facing some kind of challenge to which it must adapt, or uncovers an opportunity that it believes should be exploited. 

Services offered

Awareness can come at any time during a project or during business as normal. 


Business Ingenuity uses a variety of internal and external environment assessment techniques to review its clients' internal capabilities and the world outside the organisation.  This helps to form an holistic view of the organisation in its surroundings, from which the senior management team can make informed decisions about the future.


This work can be classified as strategic business analysis.