Project process

3 phase approach

Step 1 - Discovering


In this phase I discuss with the senior business team or project board about what must be acheived from the project.  We discuss strategy, tactics and objectives so that we start to get a clear idea of what we want to do.


Step 2 - Understanding


The 2nd phase of the process is really where the Business Analysis kicks in.  Here we take time to discover how the business area we are focussed on works today, and how it could work tomorrow.  We uncover the requirements the business team has and document them in a way that can be delivered in a project.


Step 3 - Delivering


The 3rd phase of the process is where the changes defined in step 2 are delivered.  There is ongoing Business Analysis work here to support the delivery, but primarily this is the Project Management phase.  At the end of this phase, the change will have been implemented and we hope to reap their rewards.