Services provided

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a wide field with specialists in many aspects including business strategy, finance, business process, IT systems and more.


My personal specialisms are:


  • Business process analysis and improvement

  • Requirements elicitation, analysis and definition

  • Software development and implementation


In many cases, improvements with an IT/systems element will be identified, however this is not always the case, particularly where business processes have existed and evolved over time.


I have taken the role of Business Analyst in many projects in the course of my career.  Often this has been a dual role, where I have also been the appointed Project Manager for the same project.  For more information about the projects that I have been involved in see the Project Experience page.


In my experience, it is quite unusual for the roles of PM and BA to be split - this typically only happens on very large projects, or in large organisations, and therefore I feel it is important to be skilled in both disciplines.


The output of the Business Analysis function is the input for the business change project.


Skills and expertise


To deliver my specialisms, I have experience and skills in,


  • Business process analysis (as-is and could-be/to-be models at process, task and step detail levels)

  • Requirements elicitation (workshops, interviews, observation, rapport building)

  • Requirements classification (functional, non-functional, business, technical)

  • Requirements communication (use cases, user stories, prototypes and wireframes)

  • Requirements management (catalogue, traceability, version control)

  • Systems definition (sequence, context, class, ERD diagrams, web service signatures/processes)

  • Test case definition and execution


Wherever possible I use standard communication methods, mostly frequently those from the Unified Modelling Language (UML).