Neale Austin

Independent Business Analyst / Project Manager

I have been an IT professional for nearly 20 years, and in that time I have seen more than my fair share of projects and people. 


From an early age I found myself drawn to computer systems, but it was only as I gained experienced in the world of work that the relationships between business, systems and people grew in importance for me.


In 2010, after nearly 15 years of employment in IT departments with a variety of roles ranging from Technical Support Analyst, to Project Manager to Strategy Manager, I took the decision to branch out on my own.


I have skills and experience of both Business Analysis and Project Management.


The values that I bring to a role are:


  • People and relationships make projects succeed or fail, they must be invested in and nurtured

  • Listening, understanding and respecting all stakeholders is critical for the success of projects

  • The business context is vital, and all project participants should be aware of the ultimate goals

  • Business triggered and focussed projects bring the greatest value

  • The pace of change must be correct for the project, people and environment (Agile is not for all!)

  • Every project is different, and has its own identity - they must be treated individually


I have a wide range of skills and techniques that have been accumulated over years of being involved with different projects, teams and environments.  Whichever of these I use in my work, my focus is on quality and delivering value to my clients.